We've all heard about how criminal background checks are a great resource for private citizens trying to stay safe. But they are also an important tool for more professional settings as well. An online background check is a great way to protect one's investments and business.

The entire business of a landlord consists of allowing others access to property which belongs to them. Often times, tenants are rough on the property and leave it in a dismal state of disrepair. While many tenants will pay for the damages, others choose to skip out on their end of the lease agreement and renege on the debt. A tenant background check is great for such situations. It is essentially a criminal background check which focuses on rental and residence history. Running an online background check such as this will allow landlords to avoid renting to tenants who are likely to cause severe damage to the property or fail to pay their rent on time. Having this resource available saves landlords a great deal of time and money in the long run.

Those running businesses, or who work as hiring managers for larger corporations, are no strangers to background check services. They routinely utilize online background checks to screen their applicants before hiring them. This saves the company money in many ways. First off, the most difficult employees as well as violent criminals will be discourged from applying at all if the company makes it clear that a criminal background check is performed on every applicant. This means less time wasted looking at resumes of unqualified persons. The remaining resumes coming in will be of significantly higher quality. Finally, workplace violence will be much less likely if those with serious criminal records are excluded from the workplace. These are goals that every employer has in common, and a background check service can help them achieve it.

Private investing provides great opportunities for profit, but the risk factor is also increased. Risk is simply part of the game with investing, but investors should not have to worry about being outright scammed or defrauded. Many high profile incidents of embezzling and fraud have transpired in recent years, making private investigators seek some additional security when conducting their dealings with people who are virtually strangers. And of course, criminal background checks can help them avoid dealing with these disreputable characters. The vast majority of white collar crooks either have criminal records themselves, or they frequently associate with people who do. If an investor is unsure of someone in their profession, they can simply run an online background check and look at a broad picture of this person's past and present behavior. There is no way to weed out every single dishoenst person in the white collar professions, but a criminal background check can assist investors in avoiding the worst offenders.

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